Your IT assets are under attack from threat actors looking for vulnerabilities in your network. They are searching and looking for any vulnerabilities whether they be inherent in the OS, hardware, misconfigurations or missing patches. Having the proper tools that deliver accurate assessment is critical to clearly identify vulnerabilities and mitigate the risk.

Rapid identification of network vulnerabilities is crucial to any organisation. Delivering a robust and functional penetration testing solution allows IT security professionals to handle vulnerabilities proactively, not reactively, especially when they become costly and damaging due to breaches.

Cronus Cybot from SiO4 is an award-winning patented autonomous machine-based penetration testing tool that scans the network and IT assets to assess and map out vulnerabilities. Once the network is assessed, it maps out and validates misconfigurations, potential threat vectors and attack path scenarios.

Cronus Cybot delivered by SiO4 is a robust tool that is easily integrated into any IT environment without any modification to the infrastructure and enables security teams to focus their efforts on eliminating network vulnerabilities in an effective transparent process that delivers:

  • Quick and easy deployment within the network environment (DMZ, on premise, cloud).
  • A cost-effective and scalable solution for any size organisation.
  • Comprehensive centralised dashboards for enterprises and MSSPs.
  • Valuable insight into attack path scenarios to better assess and provide quick remediation.
  • Seamless SIEM integration for scheduled scans and alerts.
  • Continuous, 24/7 agentless and non intrusive analysis of network vulnerabilities and potential threat vectors within your global network, Web servers and infrastructure.

Cronus Cybot delivered by  SiO4 enables organisations to effectively optimise valuable IT resources and protect critical IT assets and business process while significantly reducing the risk of damaging breaches and helps to maintain regulatory compliance.

Cronus Cybot is available as part of SAFE HOUSE DARK EDGE or as a standalone product.

To find out more about Cronus Cybot from SiO4, email us at SALES@SiO4.CO.UK