A truly unique set of feature rich & rapidly deployable modular
cyber-security & infrastructure services, with a focus on delivering high-value actionable targeted threat intelligence and asset protection. 

SAFE HOUSE alerts you to the potential impact of attacks before they become a direct or peripheral risk to your organisation.

SAFE HOUSE searches the DEEP DARK Web for chatter from threat actors, analyses threat data and offers a scalable solution that works to protect your high value business assets safe from both current and emerging threats.

SAFE HOUSE provides the necessary comprehensive advanced threat intelligence to effectively reveal the “who, what, why, when and how” to defend against past, present and future global cyber threats.

The objective is to give your business a pre-emptive warning of an imminent breach or hacking attempt so you can react.
We have the expertise to forensically reverse engineer large scale incidents, breaches or attacks.

SAFE HOUSE from SiO4 will reduce the risk to your business, collateral damage, limit financial penalties and maintain compliance

Deployable services range from physical penetration tests, social engineering, staff readiness testing to honey traps.

Global Threat Intelligence GTI™ is derived from sources such as the DEEP DARK web, hacker dump sites, the black market, hack-tivist forums, file sharing portals, botnet data extraction, data leaks and malware logs; from the heart of the cyber-criminal community.  

SAFE HOUSE by SiO4, delivers intelligence beyond your conventional
network security, beyond firewalls, IDS / IPS and DDOS.

A full spectrum of services including social engineering, analysis and evaluations of threats from staff and social media presence.

Next generation forensic investigation and penetration services that work with your organisation, showing you how the real criminals would attempt to gain access to your business.

Operatively sourced intelligence could lead to arrest and or prosecution.

We @SiO4 will continue to innovate, adding new services and products to the SAFE HOUSE portfolio line up in the coming months.

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